Wheat Drink Straws: What’s Old is New Again

Amish grown spelt drying in a sun-drenched field in Leon, NY.
All-natural, gluten-free, a Real Straw is grown with love (and a little help from Mother Nature).

Our Mission: PSE – Plastic Straw Extinction.

Plastic is OUT. Real Straw is in.

Real Straw is a real wheat drink straw made from real straw.

Easily biodegradable, a Real Straw works great for both hot and cold drinks.

While cheap paper straws can have that funky mouth-feel, and get mushy in minutes, a Real Straw will stay firm for days.

Of course, a plastic drink straw is cheaper than a simply natural Real Straw. That’s what got us into this mess. But, a Real Straw costs less than a single maraschino cherry or cocktail olive.

When you serve a Real Straw at your home or business, you tell your guest three things:

1. “We care about you.”

2. “We care about what goes into your drink.”

3. “We care about the environment, and we are doing something about it.”
Real Straw delivers a positive message, 500 times per box.

Why not try a sample box of 100 Real Straw wheat drink straws today?

Simply Click on =SHOP, order a sample box of five inch stir sticks (great for coffee stirring, as well as “on the rocks” drinks), or a box of seven and a half inch cocktail straws (highballs and sodas), and we’ll ship one hundred, high-quality Real Straw wheat drink straws, delivered anywhere in the US, for $11.95 or $12.95 , plus tax (in New York) and FREE SHIPPING.

Having a party? Order a 50/50 box, and get 50 stir sticks and 50 cocktail straws, for just $11.95 plus tax and FREE SHIPPING.

Marty Walters is forming a rock band called Plastic Straw Extinction. Look for our debut album on You Tube this fall.( Some of our song titles: Plastics Straw Extinction On My Mind, Jail House Plastic Straw Extinction, It’s Been a Hard Day’s Plastic Straw Extinction, I’m Dreaming of a Plastic Straw Extinction.)

Thanks very much for supporting Real Straw.

Our Mission: PSE – Plastic Straw Extinction!


Marty Walters


Real Straw LLC