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Of course we are happy to ship you  a few straws for free, at our expense, but please consider ordering  a 50/50 trial size box for just 11.95 (plus tax in NY) with FREE SHIPPING , which will allow you to introduce Real Straw to your customers.

If you are ordering free samples, please make sure to include the correct address and a telephone number in the message box below. We will call and verify your order. Thanks!

Once you decide to make Real Straw your sustainable straws and stir sticks, you will be able to take advantage of bulk purchasing. We offer volume discounts that make Real Straw a very affordable option, and we ship throughout the US.

One last word about the cost of a Real Straw. At about three cents per straw (before tax and shipping), they are about five times the cost of a plastic straw. The truth is, nobody spends very much on straws, be they plastic or Real Straw. One Real Straw is less than the typical cost of a maraschino cherry, less than a pimento-stuffed cocktail olive, probably much less than your bartenders’ over pour. A box of 500 Real Straw wheat straws or stir sticks covers about three thousand dollars worth of drinks. Fifteen bucks goes a long, long way.

Please drop us a line with your comments or questions, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Or, feel free to give Marty  a call at (716) 947-9298, 9am to 5pm EST, Mon – Fri.