Wheat Drink Straws: Eco-Friendly Straws

Wheat drinks straws are made from naturally gluten-free wheat stems.
Wheat drink straws: Mother Nature’s gift. photo credit:https://www.maxpixel.net/photo-640960

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Real Straw LLC’s mission: to provide eco-friendly, non-plastic drink straws.

Why Real Straw wheat drink straws? Natural simplicity .

For thousands of years, people have been using real wheat stems as drink straws.

Drink straws keep germs away from your lips, and sugar away from your teeth.

Easily biodegradable, Real Straw naturally gluten-free drink straws work great for both hot and cold drinks.

Unlike paper straws, Real Straw wheat drink straws stay firm for hours, instead of getting mushy in minutes.

COST: wheat drinks straws cost much less than high-quality, made in the USA paper drink straws.

You can buy cheaper, imported paper drink straws, but your customers may not be pleased with the taste and performance.

Do Real Straw wheat drink straws cost more than plastic drink straws? Yes, they do.

Real Straw wheat drink straws are better, and much more valuable, than plastic or paper drink straws. When you place wheat drink straws in your valued guests’ drinks, you deliver four messages:

1. “We care about you.”

2. “We care about what goes into your drink.”

3. “We care about the environment.”

4. “We are doing something about it.”
If your average drink price is five dollars, a twenty-five dollar investment in wheat drink straws will cover twenty-five hundred dollars worth of drinks, and deliver a positive message five hundred times.

At five cents per straw, putting a Real Straw in your drink costs about the same as a single maraschinio cherry, and less than a large stuffed olive.

Why not try a sample box of one hundred Real Straw eco-friendly drink straws today?

Simply Click on SHOP, order a sample box of five inch or seven and a half inch straws, and we’ll ship one hundred high-quality wheat drink straws, delivered anywhere in the US, for under fifteen dollars.

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Marty Walters

Founder, Real Straw